Mannson Freight

Branding, Website & Portal

Mannson Freight operate import and export consolidation services by sea freight. The global company were established in 1991 and so when they turned to Phunk, they were looking for a partner to support them in launching a more modern, quicker and robust website.

Breaking Bread

Branding & Animation

Breaking Bread is a new podcast and as it was just starting out, it was in need of branding, including everything from a logo to social media assets. The two founders got in touch with Phunk and tasked the team with creating branding that represented the show whilst giving a nod to the founder’s style choices, a combination of grunge and clean.

Lambert & Co


Lambert & Co was a new barber business, planning its opening, when the owner got in touch with Phunk about a complete look that would cover everything from the barber shop to hair products, clothes and an online presence. The Lambert & Co team were looking for a brand that would translate online and in print

Get Dynamic

Branding, Website & Animation

Get Dynamic, an automation company based in Leeds, was looking for an exciting new rebrand when its team turned to Phunk. The team were hoping for a functional, standout website with a refreshing new colour palette that would set them apart from others in the industry and pique the interest of website visitors.

Kg Fitness

Branding & Website

When Katie initially turned to Phunk, she was in the early stages of building her personal training business, KG Fitness, and was looking for a logo and branding that could be used on social media to help launch her brand. As Katie’s business has grown so have her digital needs. And so, she turned to Phunk again, this time to build a website.

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