The Honest  Watch Dealer

Graphic Design
Visual Identity
Apparel & Merchandise

The Honest Watch Dealer is a luxury watch expert renowned for his popular YouTube channel, as well as founding The Luxury Watch Company. Charlie (his real name) engaged Phunk to develop a brand identity for his channel, with applications across a range of merchandise. 

Our main challenge was developing a logo design that would work well across a range of media, from digital to print, and from embroidery to embossed leather. Taking inspiration from luxury tailoring we developed a monogram-style logo based on the channel’s initials, with bold interlocking lines for clarity in any format.

A luxury experience.

As a luxury brand, it’s important that HWD’s brand identity communicates the quality that customers expect. We focused on developing visual cues that elevate the merchandise and the packaging it arrives in to create the right associations even before the customer has unwrapped their purchase.

The unboxing experience.

We opted for a deep blue palette with a gold logo and accents to give the brand a sense of authority and paired this with a serif typeface to give solidity and permanence. We then created individual designs for the HNW range, including stainless steel bottles, T-shirts, quarter zips, and baseball caps. 

In addition, we designed several industry-specific items for the brand, including a vegan leather watch roll, as well as branded wax seals used to identify and secure items shipped by HNW, further reinforcing the luxury associations.