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Breaking Bread
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Our Task.

Breaking Bread is a new podcast and as it was just starting out, it was in need of branding, including everything from a logo to social media assets. The two founders got in touch with Phunk and tasked the team with creating branding that represented the show whilst giving a nod to the founder’s style choices, a combination of grunge and clean.


Breaking Bread

Our Solution

To meet the criteria, Phunk started by selecting black as a base colour with a flash of neon yellow to create a standout look.This then developed into a typography-based logo that had a grungy style whilst still legible across multiple mediums. It was important to think about how this branding would translate across different platforms, from social media icons to header banners, the look and feel needed to be consistent. This goal was achieved by using repeat patterns across different graphic assets.

The Result.

What the client had to say.

"Phunk Creative recently delivered on the branding of our new podcast. The team were responsive, professional & a real pleasure to work with. They took our brief & ideas are truly brought it to life. In the first two months our podcast has been viewed 600,000 times across YouTube, Spotify & Facebook, the audience love the grungy style of the branding which will lead nicely into merchandise sales and other e-commerce products later in the year."

Josh Gudgeon

Co-Host - Breaking Bread Podcast

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