Breaking Bread

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Breaking Bread is a popular conversational podcast fronted by BeardMeatsFood and Josh Gudgeon with over half a million listeners across Spotify, YouTube and Facebook. The founders approached Phunk to develop a unique brand identity for use across web and social media properties, merchandising and live event promotions. 

With the appeal of the podcast built on the interplay between its two stars, we wanted to ensure that we captured their unique personalities, influences and voices in designing the visual component of the brand. And as words are their product, we decided a typographic design was the obvious choice.

A hit with the Breaking Bread audience.

“In the first two months, our podcast was viewed 600,000 times. The audience loved the grungy style of the branding, which will lead nicely into merchandise sales and other e-commerce products later in the year." - Josh at Breaking Bread

We started by selecting black as a base colour with a flash of neon yellow to create a standout look and developed this into a typography-based logo that has a grungy, industrial style whilst maintaining legibility across multiple mediums, and adapts readily into a repeating pattern for merchandise and promotional materials.

This was then extended into a range of products and packaging designs including branded T-shirts and mugs, as well as their exclusive selection of locally roasted ground and wholebean coffee, sold under the Breaking Beans subbrand.