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The origin story

The partnership behind Phunk began a long time before the company was officially established. Our founders Joe Murray and Joe Crabtree first met at college, both studying creative and digital media courses —never imagining that sharing a first name would make their copywriter’s job unnecessarily difficult at some point in the future.

After graduating, the Joes took different paths,

JM heading into a marketing agency role focused on web design, branding and animation, and JC working on print design and web advertising for household names like Kellogg's, Fred Perry and Axe/Lynx.

They kept in touch, collaborating on various projects and inevitably moved towards a closer working relationship which made the most of their complementary skills. While the rest of the world transitioned towards remote working during COVID, Joe and Joe decided they’d rather open an office, and Phunk was officially born.

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A little over 2 years in,

and the business has gone from strength to strength. New team members have joined, widening our skillset and bringing more diversity to our thinking. Client projects ship regularly, each one bringing unique challenges and opportunities to stretch our creativity. And our passion for Webflow design has been recognised with an official professional partnership.

It’s been a lot of fun.

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Phunk Values.



We don’t send anything out the door that we’re not proud to put our names to. There’s no pride in a rushed job, a cobbled-together piece of code, or a logo that looks like everyone else’s — we check and double-check every element of our projects to guarantee its quality.



It’s important to us that you can trust we’ll deliver what we promise — whether that’s meeting a tight deadline, returning a call, or reworking a draft ahead of an important presentation. In every interaction, we go the extra mile for our clients to reinforce that trust.



Each member of the team at Phunk has built their creative career on the principle that the work only matters if it’s original, effective and exciting — we’re not interested in building anything substandard, derivative or boring.



We’re in the creative industry because we want to push boundaries, find new ways to communicate and innovate at every stage of our process. If we’re not always striving to outdo our previous work, and motivating each other to do better, we’re doing it wrong.

Webflow  @

We’re immensely proud to be official Webflow partners — we’ve been avid users of the platform since the early days, and it’s amazing to be part of its development. Check out our Webflow page to learn why we (and our clients) love it so much. For now, here are the basics.

It’s user-friendly

Webflow allows us to build sites our clients can actually use — so they stay updated, fresh and engaging.

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It looks great

Using Webflow as a foundation opens up limitless potential for design, so we can build something true to our vision without compromise.

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It’s versatile

From ecommerce stores to e-learning courses, membership sites, commercial portals, and more — Webflow supports a variety of use cases.

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It’s future-proof

At a structural level, Webflow makes it easy to rework, refresh and reimagine existing sites without starting from scratch.

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The people behind the projects.

Phunk works because it’s a genuine collaboration between experts — equality of ideas, cross-pollination of skills and a healthy obsession with quality. Here’s the team that makes it happen.

Joe Crabtree

Co Founder / Director

Meet Joe, our lead designer here at Phunk. Joe has 10 years of experience in graphic design, working with some of the world’s biggest brands. Specialising in branding and graphics, Joe relishes the challenge of building a brand from the ground up.

Joe Murray

Co Founder / Director

Meet Joe, Creative Director. He is a designer with over 10 years experience in the field. Branding, UX and animation are his main skills and, when he’s not working his creative magic, he is usually mountain biking, playing basketball, and getting away into the outdoors in his campervan.

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