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HACIEN is a premium tequila brand supplying high-end hospitality and retail locations worldwide. They approached Phunk to undertake a comprehensive design project comprising web, packaging and marketing assets as well as 3D design of their signature bottles. 

As HACIEN is a challenger brand operating within a highly competitive and trend-driven industry, it was crucial to translate their existing high-impact, memorable brand into digital and physical assets which also underlined the inherent quality of their product.

Consistency of message.

A key challenge with this project was ensuring that every brand experience, from the look of the homepage to the style of the packaging reinforced the same perception of authenticity and luxury, while being bold enough to stand out from competing brands — both in retail locations and behind the bar.

Beginning with the packaging design, we introduced subtle visual cues which referenced the shape of the blue agave hearts from which HACIEN tequila is produced. We extended this through the website design, including a dark theme contrasted with gold highlights to accentuate the luxury aspect, and carefully selected accent colours to differentiate HACIEN’s individual tequila variants. Post-launch, our design was recognised with an honourable mention on awwwards.com and featured as an example of great UX on Webflow’s blog.

We then adapted this visual style to a range of digital and print media, including event signage and posters, social media graphics, pitch and sales decks and other marketing material to create a single consistent identity across all touchpoints.