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BOXiQ Performance Center in Dubai is a globally recognised boxing gym — hosting icons like Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk. Working with Phunk, they now have a high-quality digital presence to match the prestige of their brand.

For this project we employed wireframing to sketch out the website structure early in the process, allowing stakeholder input and ensuring agreement before proceeding to the design phase. We then developed the visual identity based on in-depth client interviews and a review of their existing assets. 

A visual identity that packs a punch.

We combined bold titles, impactful design and intuitive navigation with high-quality video and imagery to deliver a visually stunning site that reflects BOXiQ’s confident and aspirational brand.

The website had two clear aims. Firstly, to act as a promotional tool for the business, generating new clients and publicising the gym to boxing professionals visiting the area, which demanded engaging imagery and video to advertise the centre to an online audience. Secondly, providing easily accessible booking facilities for current members, which required attention to detail in designing a clear user journey. 

We carefully planned the balance between impact and ease of use to ensure that the needs of both audiences were considered, resulting in a highly functional yet visually arresting design which effectively communicates the BOXiQ brand.