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Mobilleo is a SaaS solution making it easy for organisations to manage global business travel for their employees. The team at Mobilleo approached Phunk to provide a range of design and illustration services, building on their existing brand, for use across their website and app. 

We began the project with an in-depth interview with the Mobilleo team to understand their goals for the various assets required, and the overarching visual effect they wanted to achieve. From there we developed illustrative mockups to define a consistent art style which would be used throughout the project.

User-centric design.

A key part of the project was deploying our UX knowledge to ensure that elements such as app splash screens and icon packs served a dual purpose — reflecting the Mobilleo brand while communicating relevant concepts clearly and simply.

Illustration assets.

Once we had finalised the desired style and refined it in consultation with the in-house team, we applied it consistently across the required assets, including detailed illustrations for the main website header, and app splash screen, as well as the functional icon packs and isometric transportation assets used within the app.

Mobilleo users now have a consistent visual experience whether visiting the website or navigating the app, underpinning the brand’s commitment to simplifying complex tasks and making their customers' lives easier.