Bay2 Campers

Webflow Development
UI/UX Design
Graphic Design
Visual Identity

Custom campervan brand Bay2 approached Phunk to develop an updated brand identity, new website and merchandise designs to help their growing company stand out from their competitors and communicate the quality of their product range. 

Working closely with the team at Bay2 over a multi-week project, we developed a unique logo and complementary colour palette for the brand, creating a dark, sleek and modern corporate identity that set them apart from smaller, less professional brands in the sector.

Onsite video and photo capture.

As part of the new brand development, Phunk was contracted to carry out a video and photoshoot to capture high-quality imagery and footage of Bay2’s product range, ensuring a consistent visual style for the new website

The new website was created in Webflow to maximise responsiveness and performance while serving as a highly visual shop window for their in-demand products. A key feature was the custom online poptop builder we developed and implemented which allows visitors to visualise how their vehicle will look post-customisation.

As part of the project we also designed a range of promotional merchandise, reflecting the spirit of adventure that the Bay2 Campers brand represents — helping build brand loyalty and increase their visibility within their target demographic.