Why our new subscription model is a win for our clients

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November 10, 2023
Why our new subscription model is a win for our clients
Why our new subscription model is a win for our clients

Why our new subscription model is a win for our clients

You might have noticed that our pricing page now features a subscription option, with both standard and pro plans available. It’s a new model that we’ve introduced to offer greater flexibility, and better overall service levels to our clients, both current and future. In this post, we’ll run through how it works.

Design on demand — the challenge.

Many of our client relationships started with a single project — a website design, a rebrand, or a product launch. You’d usually consider these fixed-term jobs, with a clear start and end. But what we found over time is that clients would come back to us with additional requests that built on the original project. 

After a new website launch, a client might need weekly social media graphics to drive traffic. Once a new brand is in place, they may want to upgrade the style of their YouTube videos. With these types of requests, it can be time-consuming for both parties to send quotes and purchase orders back and forth — and it can slow down delivery on often time-sensitive design needs. 

We needed a new way of working that supported the ongoing nature of our client relationships and didn’t require every additional piece of design work to be estimated, priced and invoiced separately. 

A more flexible way to manage design work

We decided on a subscription model after numerous discussions with clients and fellow professionals, and spent time tweaking the model to ensure it would work for clients of different sizes and with differing needs. Basically, we wanted to make working with us as easy as using Netflix (except with far better production values on offer!)

We settled on the plans you’ll see over at our subscription page — with the option for clients to move easily between the two as their needs change, or pause or cancel their plan without worrying about being tied in to a contract. 

And it’s all web-based, which means no lengthy email chains, hunting around for PDF attachments or getting mixed up between draft versions. Everything is managed through an online portal where clients can add new design requests in a couple of clicks, view the progress of items in the design queue and change priority if needed, add feedback or change requests, and download the final web or print-ready files once each request is completed.

A combined approach to project management

Of course, we’re still happy to quote on one-off jobs in the traditional way — we’re aware that the subscription model doesn’t suit everyone. But if your business has a need for ongoing, quality design work, and you need to be able to predict spending and lead times accurately, then a Phunk subscription offers excellent value. 

Check out our pricing page to learn more about what’s included in our Standard and Pro packages — and hopefully, we’ll welcome you to the Phunk family soon.

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