Not just a pretty logo: why branding really matters

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November 1, 2023
Not just a pretty logo: why branding really matters
Not just a pretty logo: why branding really matters

Not just a pretty logo: why branding really matters

The term “branding” comes from the practice of branding cattle with a symbol to indicate ownership, apparently dating from around 4,000 years ago (thanks Wikipedia!). Today, unfortunately, a lot of people still associate branding with the same outdated idea — “Just stick a logo on it, and we’re done”. 

In this post, we’ll explain why that’s not enough to build an effective brand — and we’ll explore the benefits that come with having a properly planned and executed brand identity in place. 

Creating a memorable first impression

When entering a new market, first impressions matter immensely. A well-crafted brand can help your business stand out from the crowd and establish a foothold. It communicates your values, purpose, and unique selling proposition clearly and simply, making it easier for prospective customers or partners to understand the value you can offer them. And when your brand is executed well, it ensures you’ll be top-of-mind when it comes to purchasing decisions. 

A good example of this is HACIEN, a premium tequila brand we worked with on digital and product design. While they already had a brand in place, they came to Phunk to help translate it across their many touchpoints — from the website, to the bottles and packaging, to pop-up event materials and social content. Following the project, every interaction with HACIEN now reinforces their brand in customers’ minds, ensuring ongoing brand recognition and retention.

Building trust and confidence in your business

In any industry, authority and expertise are highly valued. A strong brand not only showcases your knowledge and experience but also signals to customers that you're a trustworthy choice — a leader in your field, making it easier to gain the confidence of potential clients. If you’re running a successful business, with a proven track record, your brand should reflect that. 

We’ve worked with a range of market-leading companies on developing or updating their brands to underline their status within their niche or sector - such as Mannson Freight, who we worked with on a brand overhaul to update their visual style while reflecting their heritage developed over 30+ years in business.

Connecting channels for a unified experience

In today's multichannel, fast-scrolling world, consistency is key. A well-developed brand ensures that your message, tone, and visual identity remain consistent across various touchpoints—whether it's your website, social media, advertising, or product interactions. This consistency creates a seamless brand experience, reinforcing your brand's image and making it easier for customers to recognise and remember you, regardless of where they encounter your communications.For example, we worked with the team at the Breaking Bread podcast to develop an easily recognisable visual identity that would tie together their media output, merchandising, and their new venture, blended coffees.

The importance of a brand healthcheck

Whatever stage in your business journey you’re at, it’s important to regularly review your brand health and see how well it’s really working for you. Okay, if you’re an early stage startup, the answer might be simple — you need to develop a brand. If you’re further into your growth, you might want to ask questions like “How consistently is our brand expressed?”, “How does it fit our new products or services?”, or “What associations do customers have with our brand?”. And if you need some expert help evaluating building, or refining your brand — you can always talk to Phunk.

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