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Lambert & Co
Lambert & Co
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    Lambert & Co
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    Health & Beauty

Our Task.

Lambert & Co was a new barber business, planning its opening, when the owner got in touch with Phunk about a complete look that would cover everything from the barber shop to hair products, clothes and an online presence. The Lambert & Co team were looking for a brand that would translate online and in print. The team were looking for a colour scheme that would be the base for their social channels, shop front and products, and a logo that would grab the attention of people scrolling through Instagram as well as those driving by the shop. As well as this, the logo also had to capture the heritage of the owner.


Lambert & Co

Our Solution

Phunk wanted to create a timeless solution for Lambert & Co and the team did this by combining classic and modern styles to produce something unique. By incorporating a nod to the owners heritage in the logo, Phunk was also able to establish branding that was truly personal to Lambert & Co. After Lambert & Co approved the logo and brand guidelines, Phunk was able to create marketing materials (such as posters and flyers), window art and social media templates for the barbers to use going forward. Since the launch, Lambert & Co has also enjoyed success with products and merchandise which are branded with the logo created by Phunk.

The Result.

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